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Choose from Several Types of Headstones

Honor Your Loved One’s Memory

Selecting a final resting place for yourself or a loved one is an important decision, and memorializing the deceased is an emotional process. At Brown Monument, we understand how deeply personal and central to the grieving process both are. The information on this page will familiarize you with the types of headstones we produce. As always, we’re just a phone call away to assist you in any way we can.

More than 90 Years of Experience

When you purchase a monument from Brown Monument, you benefit from generations of stonework experience. Having grown up in the craft, we know memorials and how to make them. We are also experts in customer service. Unlike other companies who get you into the store with a rock bottom price, then hit you with add-ons, our quotes include the following:

* All design work, including custom designs
* All lettering (front and back)

* All shape carving (including relief sculpted items)
* Delivery and installation (excluding cemetery fees) within 100 miles

Grass Markers

Grass Markers lay flat on the ground, are about 4” thick and are set at a tilt (about 4” high at the back and 1.5” high in the front), making them easier to read and allowing rainwater to run off. Single grass markers are usually 12” x 24”, and companion markers are 36” x 12” or 36” x 14”.


Slants or wedges are about 10” wide at the bottom, making them stable enough to sit in cement or on a granite base. Slants also sit upright, with room for children’s names or a verse on the back side.

Upright Monuments

Upright monuments have a standard thickness of 6”. A setting compound securely seals the monument to the included granite base. These monuments are polished on the front and back, with top polishing optional. They are available in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and designs. See our gallery for inspiration.


Local etching artists can produce hand-drawn pictures using a diamond-tipped tool on black granite. This process renders fine detail and intricate, personalized scenes. Etchings are not included in the price a monument. However, you will be billed according to what the artist charges. There is no markup for this service. See more etchings in our gallery.

Vases & Porcelain Portraits

Vases are a beautiful, practical addition to headstones. Available in a variety of colors, they are a permanent way to ensure that bouquets won’t tip or cause issues for caretakers. Vases work well on companion markers, but may require an extension to the base, which could be an issue on an individual marker.

This is a uniquely personal way to memorialize a loved one. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, photos are recessed, epoxied in place, and securely set in the stone. They are guaranteed against fading, scratching, and vandalism.

Granite Colors

We stock granite in the most commonly used colors, but can satisfy special orders. When selecting a color, consider the contrast it provides and how often you will need to clean it. Prices vary depending on quality, consistency, and quarry location. Once you’ve chosen your monument’s size, shape, and color, we will provide you with a firm price, which will include all prep work.

Service After the Sale

We are proud of our quality grave markers and want your purchase to last. It’s not uncommon for headstones to settle after about a year after installation. Please call us and we will raise and straighten your monument free of charge.

Caring for Your Marker

Monuments require occasional cleaning, as they can become stained or incur buildup from hard water, leaves, and other debris. Using proven cleaning techniques, we can restore your monument to like-new condition. Please call us for advice before attempting to do the job yourself.

Download and print cleaning guide brochure. For best results print double-sided.

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