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About Us

A memorial is a personal, important reminder to those who view it of a person no longer with us. As such, it is essential that it represents that person well, is expertly crafted, and will last for generations.  

At Brown Monument, we have been manufacturing quality memorials for more than 80 years. We take the manufacturing of them seriously and approach our work with passion and care.

Before the creation of Brown Monument Company, our ancestors worked as stonemasons creating memorials, stone buildings, and commissioned sculptures. Working with stone is in our blood and has been taught down through six generations. We have a desire for quality workmanship and are particular about our stonework. We use the proven, lasting techniques taught to us by our fathers to create memorials that meet or exceed the highest industry standards.

We feel that your memorial should be a true reflection of your loved one and we are dedicated to help you create the memorial with passion and care.

Choosing The Right Granite

Our Quality 

We use great care in choosing granite with the best contrast and take extra steps during the sandblasting process to enhance this contrast. We steel our panels to make them as white as possible. After the lettering is deeply sandblasted we complete the bluing and darkening process. Not all monument companies take these extra steps to refine the natural contrast. 

Why Granite? 

Granite is one of the hardest rocks, which makes it last a very long time. We can change the color of the granite with various abrasives during the sandblasting process. This color change is permanent and makes the lettering stand out legibly on the stone. 

Other Rocks ‚Äč

Some families wish to use various rocks and boulders, but these don’t always make the best headstones. There is no way to change the rock’s base color and the only way to make the lettering stand out is to use black paint (lithochrome). You must check with the cemetery to see if they will allow the chosen rock/boulder. You can’t clean a rock with acid to remove the appearance of hard water. Many rocks will develop cracks and fissures, which overtime could cause the rock to break apart and/or crumble. We want your monument to last for many generations without the aforementioned risks.

Why we don’t rely on Paint / Lithochrome alone.

 Lithochrome is an outdoor paint used in the monument industry and is intended to be used alongside other lettering techniques. Overtime paint will unevenly fade. Some companies will use white paint to lighten the panels and paint the post-sandblasted lettering black.

     We do use lithochrome occasionally in conjunction with the correct process, which often doesn’t require painting for visibility.

These stones have no paint, not even in the lettering. The letters are seen clearly by natural contrast.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning


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