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Celebrating Over
90 Years of Quality Craftsmanship

Brown Monument Company has manufactured quality memorials and headstones in Cache Valley, UT since about 1928. Long before the creation of our company, our ancestors were skilled stonemasons who created memorials, stone buildings, and commissioned sculptures. For generations, members of our family have learned the trade by working beside our fathers and grandfathers. Being mentored by old-world craftsmen cultivates a desire for quality workmanship and a superior customer service.


Stonework is in our blood, which makes us particular about the quality of our stock. We only work with reliable quarries and implement the techniques taught to us by our forefathers to create memorials that meet or exceed the highest industry standards and last for generations. We understand that choosing a monument or memorial to honor a loved one is very personal, which is why we put so much care into what we do.

Make Informed Decisions

Whether you purchase a memorial from us or from another company, we want you to make a decision that will not only commemorate your loved one, but also bring comfort to the bereaved. Our website as an information source to learn about how headstones are made so you can make an informed decision that will last a lifetime. If you have any questions about what you read here or if you would like to discuss purchasing a memorial, please contact us.

Types of Headstones

Creating a lasting memorial to someone you love is a profoundly emotional process. It should be a tribute to the life that was lived and bring a sense of closure to those left behind. Learn more about the headstones, grave markers, benches we create, and find guidance and inspiration for the journey ahead.

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